Change for Balance is not just a production company - it's a lifestyle. We started Change For Balance with a simple mission: to educate, entertain, and inspire. We all have the power within ourselves to change the world often we just need to find the right balance. At Change For Balance we believe in the power of media and use it as our tool to inspire that balance so we can leave the planet better than how we found it. Whether documenting the current state of HIV in south Africa, the fight against GMO companies in Hawaii, the plight of the Asian elephant in Southeast Asia, or even the great organizations in our own backyard, we believe in a simple formula of thoughtful, insightful, fact-based reporting blended with industry standard entertainment value, top level cinematography, editing, and visual effects. At its very core Change For Balance stands for two things: integrity and quality.


We whole-heartedly believe in our work and know every project we take on contributes toward to the betterment of humanity.


We believe in unyielding honesty, love and compassion towards our friends, family, collaborators, and the rest of our global community.


We believe in collaborating with likeminded individuals and organizations, leaving ego aside and working towards our common goals.


We know media and technology evolves everyday, and so does our approach toward creating organic media campaigns.


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